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Luxe Perfumes FZC endorses and extensive scale of pumps and collars for sumptuous fragrance packaging.
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These pumps are outlined for the equitable dosage of perfume that emancipates from the bottle in the form of a mist. This guarantees the precise elevation of fragrance worn. Luxe Perfumes FZC standing in the market is largely ascribable to our precision-designed Perfume Bottle Collar 15 mm from our extensive collection of products. These products are contrived using outstanding quality raw-material and the latest technology by skilful professionals. In order to guarantee quality, these products are rigorously tested on diverse parameters experts. The extraordinary quality and durability augments the demand of our existing range in the market.


This versatile, reliable pump has a prestigious, high-end finish and an exceptionally smooth actuation. Designed for the high-end fragrance market, Maestro® has excellent compatibility with a wide range of formulations and fulfills the most stringent requirements. Maestro also provides additional voluminous spray options with Maestro Extravagant™ as part of the Emotions of Spray Collection.



As part of our Emotions of Spray Collection, Melodie® allows brands to capture the distinct personality of their luxury fragrances for diverse audiences. This distinguished, minimalist pump offers consumers an emotional experience that appeals to all their senses—from the feel of the spray on their skin to its fragrance to the sound of the atomizer. Melodie takes them on a transformative journey and creates lasting connections to your brand.

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Melodie Clikit® & Clikit® IP

Created for the prestige fragrance market, the Clikit® click-on pumps come pre-assembled, reducing purchasing complexity, simplifying the manufacturing process and saving time and cost. The Clikit IP is a highly customizable, resin-injected version of our successful Melodie pump.


NoC® Invisible Dip Tube

The world’s first invisible dip tube, NoC® uses patented technology that makes it disappear, bringing an end to the era of unsightly dip tubes. This groundbreaking packaging solution has revolutionized the fragrance market with its innovative, artistic design. Together with the Melodie® Pump, the NoC® invisible dip tube offers the most high-tech, discreet and miniature dispensing solution available.



Orchestra® is a compact, low-profile fragrance pump designed to not only deliver a more sophisticated spray, but to also enhance the entire sensorial experience. Available in a variety of sizes and options—and featuring our patented invisible dip tube—Orchestra works in harmony with your packaging to create a more premium experience that surprises and delights your customers.

Anodized and lacquered aluminum components, which covers the plastic or metal part of the consumer's products to fulfill their packaging design expectation.
Through advanced and state of the art anodizing process, remarkable and superb finishes are achieved.
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