Responding to stringent specifications and complying with regulations and customs constraints for applications in the perfume, cosmetics.
As a base ingredient for perfume, Our alcohol is distilled to guarantee the most appropriate olfactory characteristics for the production of premium perfume.

Perfumes require special formulations for each specific application. We are able to provide that exact solution thanks to its unrivalled expertise in alcohol rectification, denaturation and dehydration.

Our Product is Perfumery grade Ethanol Surfin 96° degree denatured with 5 gr DEP per litre pure Ethanol

100% French origin guaranteed, and produced as part of a fully integrated supply chain, from field to perfume product. Their natural origin is a quality guarantee that is essential for the success of an olfactory composition with long lasting effect.

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    LUXE PERFUMES is agent - distributor of Perfume Industry raw material :


    PUMPS               : MWV - Spain

    ETHANOL          : CRISTALCO - France


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